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Find the perfect granite, marble, travertine onyx and more for your home at Nashville Italian, Granite and Marble. At IGM we boast one of the country’s largest inventories of 30 types of marble, 98 types of granite, plus onyx, soapstone and travertine. Plus we have our own fabricators in Nashville, that means you’re buying direct, you and we can deliver your stone much faster than the competition. We’ve operated our Nashville stone fabrication plant with the same, highly trained fabricators for the past 20 years. Some local competitors subcontract fabrications, which mean you may have to wait up to a month.

Who wouldn’t love to go to Italy and select a slab of beautiful Italian marble or stunningly veined granite for remodeling or new home construction? Well, you don’t have to we import a beautiful selection for you, come see us in Nashville – Giorgio Augusta, Owner IGM

Our Promise to You

  • Our Quality is Second to None Imported from Italy
  • Only The Finest Master Craftsmanship
  • Let us Perfect Your Project, with No Compromises
  • Factory direct, a life time of family tradition

Five hundred years ago … Michelangelo sculpted David from a block of marble from Carrara, Italy, and now you can have Carrara marble in your home from the same mountain/quarry that David came from. – Giorgio Augusta, Owner IGM

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