Experience the Difference

stonequaryBecause every each and every slab is unique and different, like everything made by nature, we personally travel to Italy to inspect and select all of our slabs only where the very best stones are quarried, sawn and polished. Visiting Nashville Italian Granite & Marble is like taking a trip to Italy’s finest stone quarries with a master stone craftsman as your tour guide. We invite you to enjoy the unique experience of you to Choosing YOUR stone! right here in your own back yard.

We customize and install your new stone for you at a very affordable price. Since we do our own fabrication here in Nashville,

Who wouldn’t love to go to Italy and select a slab of beautiful Italian marble or stunningly veined granite for remodeling or new home construction? The good news is you will not have to make that trip and haul that heavy load back to Nashville, because Italy is coming to you. – Giorgio

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